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Dear collegues

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  The Public Association "Azerbaijan Society of Otorhinolaryngology" was established in order to promote prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of the ear, nose, and throat and head and neck diseases in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It aims to implement world standards in Azerbaijan. Society is the second home of every Azerbaijani otolaryngologist.


 In order to achieve our goals, the followings are planned:

  • To increase the knowledge of the Otorhinolaryngologists and to promote the achievements of world otorhinolaryngology science in Azerbaijan;

  • Learn the causes of the spread of ear and nose and throat diseases in Azerbaijan;

  • Increasing the professionalism of the Otorhinolaryngologists;

  • Assisting the development of cooperation between the Azerbaijani Otorhinolargologists and Otorhinolaryngologists from foreign countries.

​To carry out the following tasks:

  • Conducting scientific research, organizing various courses and seminars, roundtables and meetings, exhibitions;

  • It is planned to establish contacts with various non-governmental organizations, regional and international organizations operating in the country and abroad, and to implement projects with them.

   We invite all our colleagues to join and share their knowledge, experience, and abilities around the AOS with the goal of doing all this!


Sincerely:                               Prof. Dr.  Nazim Huseynov

                       President of Azerbaijan Otorhinolaryngology Society